The beauty of our Solar System through my Celestron C11 telescope

The Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus through my telescope.

Pictures are taken with a DMK 21AU04.AS monochrome camera. Colored images are made using different filters during recording.
I hope this video will help in getting more people into such beautiful hobby.

This is also a little tribute to one of my favourite Sci-fi movies: Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol.

Music: Hollywood in Vienna – Gattaca – The Departure by Michael Nyman


pokerace420 says:


Joaquim Fonseca says:


FelpeX1 says:

“Fake, CGI (or some other shit)”
– Someone who has never used a telescope

Gordon Freeman says:

Holy crap, that’s amazing, good job.
I’m still saving just to get a simple 5 or 8″ reflector scope, I love astronomy but I just can’t spend that much yet.
Thanks for posting this and clear skies.

Marko 7085 says:

Beautiful video, I just got a CPC 1100 XLT but I don’t know how to achieve extreme close ups. Could you post your set up? what eye piece are you using on the close ups? do you have a 2x barlow with a 40mm or different? Any info will be appreciated, this is indeed an amazing hobby and I am glad I did get into. Thank you

TRU MAN says:


Krisha Nicole Go Arguelles says:

Why am I crying?

George Twine says:


Marco Polo says:


Ted Williams says:

Amazing pictures taken of the moon. Thanks for sharing. I will subscribe to see any future images you take. clear Skies!

Huangwei Xie says:

Wow the Cassini division is barely visible in the vid and you still manage to make it very distinctive in the photo. Is it the magic of image stacking?!

Robert Cairns says:

really nice video. beautifully done. thanks for sharing.

Michael Phillips says:

My shaft is 10-inches….. You’ll see the stars alright!

Hussam Ahmed says:

I have a question about the circles on the moon surface , they are supposed to be caused by meteorites , but they are all in regular shaped circles as if all those meteorites have fallen exactly vertically on the surface ?

plane walker says:


Charlie Golden says:

Loving the Mars image. Been jealous of these bigger scopes for a while, I picked up a 9.25 last year used to make my videos with, picked up a Meade 12 this year that I am hoping to use for my videos along with the 9.25. If I get anything close to your Mars, I am gonna be completely pumped up.

Chuko 80 says:

Of course this thing is a planet, and perhaps there is alien life or extraterretial life with big colonies and maybe they are looking at us. You are a stupid fool if you would doubt that. I dont no why I hate when people contradicts everyones beliefs but I inmediately feel I hate them and hope them to die and rot , stupid flathards DIE IN HELL. I am right and you are not.

plane walker says:


lila says:

sos un bostezo

Liam Silver says:

ok so the moon you can see great. but the other planets suck! paying like 3 grand to see dots? no thanks

Manjunath Naidu says:

ಅದ್ಬುತ! Wonderful!

Lisa Velez says:

Beautiful images and music. Thank you for sharing the wonders of God’s Creation. God bless you

David Lewis says:

Unbearably beautiful

Bob L. says:

Nice video.
Great shots.
Your seeing is far better than what I get!

John C. Crispell says:

Beautiful video. I have to ask what that piece of music was?! It’s accompaniment to your images was great!!

Marcos Silva says:

Great pictures and amazing song

[GD] RedaDash says:

Amazing sloar system throught the telescope. Like !

xaRax says:

realy, realy cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent 8255 says:

Amazing pics! Which mount are you using on your C11? I’d like to buy a C11, but I think the VX mount would be shaky for an 11 inch scope.

Jaction says:

God bless the solar system !

Justwantahover says:

We’ve all seen photos of Saturn many times but when I first saw Saturn and other planets through a telescope, it was a very unique experience!

Tori's Stories says:

Could you give me a link to what telescope you used exactly? I am wanting to get into sky watching and want to buy a telescope that actually works, but don’t want to spend a lot of money if it’s not going to give me the results I want

steve wittwer says:

Fake as. Poor CGIs. Black and white. Where is tje beauty. Where are the stars… Bwaahhaahhhaahhaahaahaa. Busted. Fake, fake, fake. Liar, liar, liar.

Bill L says:

Then there you go messing it up Adnan that photoshop photo trying to make it look like what they tell us I’ve looked at it a million times for my scope it’s white with blue stripes where you getting those Red Stripe from that’s ridiculous stop the Photoshop crap

James Davis says:

Beautiful music ~ matches the video perfectly ~ that final shot of Saturn just takes my breath away . . . always wanted to got there since childhood to figure out why it is so unique

Jyotsna Gokhale says:


Gareth John says:


WhereDragonsDwell 220 says:

What song is this. Along with the video this song does wonders to it

Bill L says:

Why do you keep showing what you really see it and then after it show a fake ass CGI Photoshop touch up, stop the crap

kaox44 says:

Every time I see a REAL image/video of Saturn….it gives me goosebumps. Feeling like someone is also looking back at us.

Bill L says:

At 1:26 in the video I like how you see Jupiter with the water that it’s in waving around it like it does a pebble in a creek at’s-a-nice showing the truth how they’re in water I like that oh and it’s not red and there’s no eye

alze says:

whilst all the images are fantastic, the stacking of Mars is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

TryTheTruth9/11 Expect Us says:

Thank you sooooooooo much. I wanted to see what I’m going to enjoy when I get a Celestron cgem 11 inch schmidt cassegrain. Upgrading from 9.25″.

David QA says:

min 2:01 music in the space!

Neb Petrovic says:

Hey, mate awesome video. Can I ask what the background music is?

James Webb says:

Very nice. I have the same scope (on a GC 5 mount), planets are my favourite, especially using a pair of binoviewers.

bbruce995 says:

google solar minimum, we are heading into a mini ice age

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