Telescope video Jupiter, Saturn and moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc ASI290mm

Telescope Jupiter, Saturn and the moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc and ASI290

Jupiter, Saturn and the moon images in the Celestron C 9.25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) telescope Celestron AVX telescope mount, Celestron x-cel 3x barlow and ASI224mc and ASI290mm cameras. Subscribe to this channel for more videos of the planets and planetary captures space images and processing. The Music is Jupiter One from here on Youtube.

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Télescope Jupiter, Saturne et la lune. Support Celestron C9.25 AVX et ZWO ASI224mc et ASI290

Jupiter, Saturne et les images de la lune dans le Celestron C 9,25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) télescope Celestron AVX télescope, Celestron x-cel 3x barlow et ASI224mc et ASI290mm caméras. Abonnez-vous à cette chaîne pour plus de vidéos des planètes et des images planétaires de captures d’images et de traitement. La musique est Jupiter One d’ici sur Youtube.
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Telescopio Júpiter, Saturno y la luna. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount y ZWO ASI224mc y ASI290

Imágenes de Júpiter, Saturno y la luna en el telescopio Celestron C 9.25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) Soporte del telescopio Celestron AVX, Celestron x-cel 3x Barlow y cámaras ASI224mc y ASI290mm. Suscríbete a este canal para obtener más videos de los planetas y capturas planetarias de imágenes espaciales y procesamiento. La música es Jupiter One desde aquí en Youtube.


SmokeRiderSessions says:

Basketballs are round and the rim you score in is round also but the floor they play on is flat. Lol at people calling out flatearthers as if this is proof we live on a spinning ball. @ me when someone takes a real picture of earth from the moon. Don’t worrie I’m not waiting.

Alisson Magno says:

e ainda tem gente que acredita na terra plana kkkk

Kwstas Kyritshs says:

It’s fake!

FES TV says:

I would say you were on the Moon man 🙂 Great

Jeffrey314159 says:

I have been viewing Mars over the past month and a half and with my 450X amateur astronomy telescope with a 3 inch object lens and a 30 inch focal length , all I can see of planet is a light pinkish orange disk with no features. This contrasts with the observations of Mars I made in 2013 with same telescope where I could clearly see Mars had a deeper color of orange and I could clearly make out one of its polar ice caps.
Mars wad closer back then but does the dust storm on that planet have something to do with the current poor imagery?

Pino Cremone says:


Panzerman121 says:

Very nice, Thanks for sharing. You can really see the heat distortion on your Saturn vid!

H Alhamri says:

I have a question
Why there is no satellite in the air wile filming or taking picturs !!!!!!

Thomas Grön says:

The comment below was copied from another telescope review/imageBUT FIRST!!!!…………………..!!!!!!!!IN WHICH WAY DOES THIS DISPROVE THE FLAT EARTH????It will equally or better fit the flat earth!!!! In no way or form can any telescope “see” objects claimed distance away!!!!BUT I DIGRESS, or not……NASA Hubble site state that the light from space is pretty much only white, and the human eye can’t detect the faint colours.. But the white light also because a blend of colours ends up white….AND ITS OBVIOUS BESIDES THROUGH THE COLOUR ISSUE THAT THESE IMAGES ARE JUST VIRTUAL UNIVERSE IMAGES!!!A obvious but almost always missed problem with “amateur” but also nasa images is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————–/—————————-ABSOLUTE PROOF OF FAKERY!!!!!!.,.,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.HOW CAN IT BE THAT WE SUPPOSEDLY “SEE” OBJECTS THAT SUPPOSEDLY EXIST SO MANY LIGHT YEARS AWAY THAT THE OBJECTS MUST EXIST OUTSIDE OF OUR OWN GALAXY?????????????But if we look outwards from within a galaxy filled with billion of stars, planets, gas clouds, asteroid belts and comet clusters, dust clouds AND LIGHT POLLUTION FROM THE BILLIONS OF STARS WHICH “SPREAD OUT LIGHT IN EVERY DIRECTION AROUND THEM”????SURELY WHEN WE SOMEHOW SEE GALAXIES BILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS AWAY, GALAXIES SO FAR AWAY THAT THEIR SIZE MUST BE SMALLER THEN THE PIXEL SIZE, SO HOW ARE THEIR LIGHT COLLECTED AND THEN BEING ENHANCED???? Even if they covered 10×10 pixels, there exist no possible way to enhance them into anything else the white, redshifted or blue shifted cubes????????????AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE LOCAL MILKY WAY OBJECTS WITH THEIR SPREADING LIGHT???????Why isn’t the space between earth and the object “looked at” FILLED WITH OBSCURING OBJECTS AT VARIOUS DISTANCES??????????And why isn’t there various objects behind the “looked at object” that also vary in size and distance????WHY DO WE ONLY SEE THE TARGETED object AND THEN A WALL OF SIMILARLY SIZED OBJECTS BEHIND??????AS WITH YOUR IMAGES, ONE OBJECT IN “FOCUS”, BUT NO CLOSER BY OBJECTS OBSCURING??? NO VARYING DISTANCE OBJECT BEHIND?????And the theory of light DOESN’T MATCH THE WAY TELESCOPES AND DETECTORS WORK!!!!!Light is supposedly spreading outwards in all directions from our sun… As well as particles from the sun that creates a so called heliosphere of particles… BUT THERE SHOULD ALSO BE ONE OF LIGHT!!!!! That spreads outwards with the speed of light!!!!!BUT ” LOOKING” AT OUR SOLAR SYSTEM FROM THE SIDE(how??), THE SPACE BETWEEN SUN AND EARTH SEEMS LIKE DARK EMPTHY SPACE????? But then science tells us light travels in straight parallel rays which we supposedly see as a point source of light, that should only be white, redshifted or blueshifted???????????????????And the furtherest away objects should only be seen in redshift!!!!BUT WHERE ARE THOSE LOCAL OBJECTS LIGHT??? WHERE ARE THE LIGHT FROM GALAXIES ETC IN BETWEEN EARTH AND THE “far far away” objects??????????????And their light that never gets tired but only stretched out into redshift…But the light supposedly spreads outwards in every direction, and should be there even if we don’t see it!!!!! SO THE LIGHT FROM THE DISTANT OBJECTS SHOULD COLLIDE WITH ALL OTHER LIGHT SPREAD OUT IN LIGHT SPEED GROWING SPHERES OF LIGHT???????????????????Nasa and ESA has created a complete virtual universe!!!And the more advanced amateur telescopes has software and online functions where pre programmed objects can be looked at!!!!!!!!!!AND MOST OF YOU SEEM TO GET YOUR SO CALLED “IMAGES” from COMPUTER SCREENS OR DIGITAL EYEPIECES!!!!!!Because the mirror based telescopes are nothing but microscope eye pieces or refraction lenses looking at a mirror image!!!OR ARE TAKEN FROM THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSE!!!!!!NOW THE COPIED COMMENT WHICH FURTHERS THE FAKE SPACE PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ The mirror seem like a ordinary flat mirror that showed the camera man partly since the secondary mirror obscures the line of sight..So the reflection seen in the eyepiece is only a reflection from a section of the primary mirror that reflects to the secondary mirror that obviously only is directed towards one section of the primary ordinary mirror…And the eyepiece is a microscope eyepiece enhancing the reflection in the secondary mirror that is a reflection from a part of the primary mirror!!! So what we got in these mirror telescopes is basically a refractor lens/microscope where we look and enhance the mirror image!!The mirror in most cases does nothing but reflect the image of the camera man or a part of the sky, and we use ordinary refraction lenses or microscope eyepieces to look at that reflection!!Any convex or concave mirrors will distort most of the mirror image, but since the secondary mirror only is directed at a small part of the primary mirror, with luck the refractor lenses or microscope eyepiece might get a slightly enhanced reflection to focus at…. But it’s a common clausal that the mirror “is very sensitive to transportation vibrations and atmospheric conditions… But a average handy person can correct the mirror… But if not, the warrant might allow for a replacement mirror.. IF YOU HAVENT DAMAGED THE ORIGINAL ONE WHILE TRYING TO ADJUST IT”..AND WHEN THE DISTORTION ISNT CORRECTED, and whom will confess to be less handy then a average man??? The telescope ends up on a shelf and collects dust!!!And the power claimed is obviously not any better then what the refraction lenses allows or the magnitude of enhancement of the microscope eyepiece!!! But most more costly mirror telescopes(they are unnaturally expensive for a couple of mirrors, a tube and basically microscope or refraction lenses!!! BUT THE MORE ADVANCED, AND WHOM DOESNT WANT TO SEE THE GALAXIES AND PLANETS IN THEIR SPLENDID COLOURS?? WILL DISAPPOINT THE BUYER, SINCE ITS OFFICIALLY ADMITTED FROM SCIENTISM AND THE HUBBLE SITE, THAT THERE IS NO COLOUR IN SPACE????? But there are photoshop “experts” THAT DUE TO THEIR “EXPERTISE”, COLOURS THE HUBBLE IMAGES!????? How can they have ever seen the real colours?????AND WHY ARE “AVERAGE” PERSONS PUTTING OUT “PICTURES” OF SPACE OBJECTS IN VIVID COLOURS????????Well the more advanced telescopes comes with a virtual space software with thousands of pre programmed objects like planets, galaxies and nebulea’s…. And if in colour, well someone has put their “expertise” into those virtual objects… Virtual does mean not real…..???????????????????And there are options of online updates and connection to nasa/ESA or affiliated sites where large parts or whole universe is existing in virtual universes……..!!!! So it’s “fun” pointing the 70x eyepiece, or virtual 200x computer software/online computer screen or digital eyepiece towards the sky, where the digital direction/tracking system GIVES YOU IN FULL COLOUR CGI IMAGES OF “SPACE” objects that you can’t see in colour with your own eyes……I have people I know that has spent thousands of dollars on their telescopes, but when I ask if we can look at the night sky together, THEY SAY ITS SO COMPLICATED TO SET THEM UP, OR THE MIRROR IS NOT FUNCTIONING… So the telescopes stands on the shelfs collecting dust…And at the Hubble site they explain the following…. No colours thus experts puts on the colours……..,……….,.,,The mirror(a ordinary but thick as hell and thus heavy) is very bubble free and highly polished.. But why since they have put the foil on the upper side thus the glass has no function besides supporting a surface to the foil??????And the foil is very very thin??? Why thin and not thick and finely polished???A thin foil will render in a see through spy mirror!!?????????????Why use heavy fragile glass when the glass has no purpose??????????????And the aluminium/silver foil so very thin, but no electricity or other electronics connected to the mirror!!!But nasa tells us the mirror collects light and does not enhance the image???How is a thick but ordinary almost see through mirror collecting light???????The mirror should thus become hot and glow??????????????????????????!When is the collected light released???Nope just a mirror that due to its shape reflects and centres the light from every object in the field of view!!!And the secondary mirror further reflects and centres the light????????So the detector must collect a blend of light from various objects????????????How can it make sense of the blend of light?????? And how does the detector know what objects are missing due to the secondary mirror and the spindle THAT OBSCURES THE LINE OF SIGHT?It was only after the implementation of magical mirror telescopes that we begun to see out beyond our own star system????? But go to google scholar or Harvard and look at how galaxies looked like in the beginning!!!!!???????NOTHING LIKE AFTER THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION THOUGH????????????Mirror telescopes is basically hoaxes!!!And nothing but microscopes or refraction lenses looking at a mirror image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’And if coloured objects from private persons, they show digital false versions!!!!!And if coloured objects= photoshop experts that has created them!!!!!!

Abdul Junaid666 says:

Amazing can u do for pluto plz

Butterlutts says:

0:50 You Can See Io!!

nomecognomejack says:

Wich Ocular do you use Ford you telescopi?

choosetolivefree says:

Amazing pictures

Nikguy says:

Absolutely great images!!! And that with 9″. Really great work!

M.T. 3103 says:

super beeindruckend.

Royal MC says:

Thanks for sharing. Fantastic work.

Yolo Polo says:

Bro I just love space thanks for uploading this video bro I am noob I bought a camera nikon p900 to watch some planets or stars because it can watch saturn and jupiter I watched on youtube but when I zoom in to 70% it remain clear after 70% everything blurs but the guy who did that on YouTube didn’t had blur please suggest thanks nice video liked 🙂

Sanjib Phukan says:

Nice video

mike b says:

Nice work, I have a C9.25 also. Saturn with good seeing is the best. i was just looking on line this morning at the ZWO ASI224mc, after seeing this video i am going for it, thanks.

ronald ferreira says:

my 10 dont even get this close without getting dark

xXDragon_FireXx says:

this was taken from EARTH?.. wow.

Superior Planet says:

On some very steady nights I’ve seen Saturn in almost photographic detail live at the eyepiece under high magnification.  Beautiful camera work you do, though.

İrem Öner says:

Is it just me or is it not only vibrations but Saturn and its ring actually move? I feel weird now because if anyone else asked whether this could be true I would laugh. I would still want it to be true though.

caroline i says:

Congratulations and thank you so much for give us this opportunity!!!

Ramces Aldair Perez Rodriguez says:

Alguien conoce el nombre de esa canción ? Se los estaré eternamente agradecido

ronald ferreira says:

i own a dobsonian telescope astroblat and not even this close how are you down loading and viewing this

Carlos Gaete says:

wow! i think they’re real !! because they look so fake…XD

Ray's Astrophotography says:

Very Nicely done

John Doe says:

Nice work.

Fateh Muhammad says:

You can clearly see the hexagonal storm!!! Loved your work.

Palheta Gustavo says:

Imagens falsas debata comigo

nomecognomejack says:

Wich ocular do you use to look the planets ?

Gabriel Garcia says:

Beautiful shots… This month has been great for viewing some of the planets, we’ve been out a couple of nights…

Pino Cremone says:

The Earth is flat ! 100%
The Space is 100% Fake !!!

Pino Cremone says:

NASA Fake Fotos !!!!!

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