Telescope Cats!…Catadioptrics – Space Pod 05/22/15

TMRO Astronomer Jared Head continues with the third installment in a four-part series on telescopes, looking into the weird and wonderful world of catadioptric telescopes.

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WarblesOnALot says:


Yay Team..!

I dunno much about Astronomical Telescopes, but in terms of SLR Photography, the Cadioptric Design layout is known as the “Folded Telephoto Lens”…; while they’re famous for being short and light, they’re also infamous for producing “Doughnut-Ring Reflections” on EVERY sparkling highlight or Bright-Point within the Frame…, so a Seagull on a Beach is surrounded by thousands of little “o” rings of Light, reflected by individual Sand-Grains…

So, how dost thou prevent thy Stellar Imageries from appearing as a Skyfull of Multicoloured Doughnuts…?

That be not a jokular question, btw ; ye be indeed expected to answer it…


Ciao !


Thanks Jared, very well done,  could you explain what types are used for the telescopes that we all know, like the hubble, and james webb, etc.?

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