Shooting Video with a Telescope and a Sony Camera – Meade ETX-90EC

Want to shoot with an extremely long lens? A reflecting telescope may be your cheapest option. In this video Bohus shows you how he rigged his Sony A7R II to shoot with a Meade ETX-90EC 1250mm telescope!

Click here to get your T-mount to Sony E-mount adapter:

These are sometimes called Maksutov lenses, after their inventor, Dmitri Dmitrievich Maksutov. Check out this link to learn more:


Victor Bart - RETRO Machines says:

Nice setup 🙂 I use a Canon FD 300mm F4 with teleconverters 🙂

Gavin Reid says:

Thanx very informative, I would like to get one of those doubled up camera lenses.

Jonathan Stewart says:

Hi – What would I need for my Celestron telescope to Sony E-mount? Same thing?

Keith Kirkby says:

I have the Meade ETX 125. With the T adapter to canon camera. is there a T adapter that i can use with my Neximage 5 in the same way, as i want to connect directly to the back of the scope & miss out the mirrors?. TNX in hope.

mauricio pozuelo says:

FYI that’s not simply a motor. It’s an equatorial mount. It can track the moon or any celestial object so you can do hours long exposures

perry davis says:

very nice

Anthony Picasso says:

what is the AUX port on the side used for

John Mulroy says:

Thanks very much for the video! I know orientation doesn’t make any difference when looking at the night sky, but for terrestrial viewing, was there an easy setting you made in the camera to flip the image so it was ‘right side up’? Thanks again!

Leon Gower says:

@3:00 I’ve been looking for those tubes, do you have a link for them? I’ve got the adapter but not those middle tube sections. The adapter will not go directly onto the Meade.

RyoHazuki224 says:

Man, you were super lucky to find that telescope for that price! Even trying to find it online it’s easily 200-300 bucks at the low end!

Reuben Zuazua says:

$500 as of 2018

Arturo Cuéllar says:

What do you think about, using it to record UFOs? Specially during sunny days? Metallic spheres that reflect a lot of light? Thanx.

Milos Momcilovic says:

good job and great narration.

Gary C says:

The actual telescope type is called a ‘Maksutov-Cassegrain.’ It combines the best of both designs. Finding this for <$100 was a heck of a deal, especially if it worked, which it seems it did. Right now, new, this telescope is $500, so you got a good deal!

Will Fines says:

Where on earth did you purchase a motorized Meade telescope for “$85 or $100”? That e mount adapter is $85……….

K2 says:

Mirror lens…

KIDif says:

so cool just 100 bucks ?

cesar nose says:

whats up pepe garza

Graepixels Media says:

Pretty cool!

The Sky Pod says:

Nice demonstration .You give a link for the t-mount , but what about the other tubes you were using ?

Brega PE says:

is use in DSO for stars, nebulosas and galaxys?

Transcendental Airwaves says:

Dat goodwill sticker. lol

Johnney Ehrlich says:

100$ wow…. That’s a steal!! I need to know where this thrift store is!

wonderhouse media says:

WTF… I have never seen any lenses or telescopes being sold and any thrift store!!! LUCKY!!!

Pierre Tischuk says:

Very interesting Nice video

Ken Skid says:

Yo. I have a Nikon connected to the same scope as you. Have the same adapter etc. I can get nice pics of moon and stars but on land I get blur. No matter how I focus. Am I missing something?

Skylar Groves says:

where is this thrift store????

Nor Cal DJI says:

do you know the part # of the meade adapter your showing. Is it 07363?

Charles Kos says:

only 100 bucks for all that!? OMG! lucky man!

Giti Thadani says:

Basically they make lenses with the mirror design 500mm/1000mm fixed f8 for cameras. I have an opteka 500 with duplifier so it becomes 1000. They come with Tmount adapters and are light weight and under 100$

walter jakubsky says:

i want to go to your thirft store…what a deal!!!

2012truth1776 says:

That’s a $300 – $400 scope brand new, you got an awesome find ! Cool video as well !

jason dixon says:

What year is that telescope

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