Meade LX90 ACF 8″ SCT

This is a simple review of the Meade LX90-ACF 8″ SCT. I absolutely love using this telescope, and I hope you’ll enjoy this video review.
Look below for links to the telescope and the accesories you saw in this video. As always, Keep Looking Up! Donnie

Meade LX90-ACF 8″SCT

Meade Series 5000 2″Diagonal

Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces

Meade 1401 Tube Balance Weight System

Peterson Engineering EZ Clutch Kit

Starlight Instruments – FTM-M8

Red Dot Finder

Base for Red Dot

Goal Zero Yeti 150


Steve and Kathy Runion says:

Nice video…With your focuser upgrade, do you still get image shift like I have read about online?

Notts boy24 says:

Really cool video, I sub to you please sub back as i have a cool channel too 🙂

Keele Photography says:

Beautiful scope! Great video!

AL Sutton says:

Thanks for the video. Holy crap are the motors really that loud! I not really brand loyal. I own a CPC 9.25. I considered the Meade but I had no idea the motors were so loud. I suppose it does not effect the use. I was just surprised.

Andrew Simpson says:

I’ve had an 8′ (Manual) Meade LX10 since THE 90s and still use it today, but yah, they’ve come so far since then. After seeing it in the wild, I should start saving my pennies…… again after spending it all on finders!

nma d says:

thanx Don for the video
what is the cost of this set up?
or do you recommend another set up like the LS series for a beginner who want to continue the hoppy without changing telescopes everynow and then and not spending most of his night settling up and easy to carry around

Brian Reynolds says:

Donnie! Great litlle posting you’ve got here. Love your enthusiasm. The thing I love about the Meade scopes is that you can add all kinds of cool stuff to them. I’ve got an 8″ LX200 (1998) and it’s been fun dumping lots of money into all kinds of accessories that they can use. Have fun and keep those vids coming! STARKID2U

AntPDC says:

Lovely upload Donnie, thanks. The coatings on that Schmidt plate are way more evident than those visible on my 2002 vintage 8″ LX10! I’m curious about that mount of yours. Mine is on an equatorial wedge, so presumably your alt/az arrangement involves both motors staircase-stepping to simulate RA. How does that perform with photographic imaging? Best, Ant.

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