How to set up and align Meade ETX Telescope (RA and EC)

In this video, I will show you how to set up your Meade ETX telescope. Set up your tripod and align your telescope all at once.

To see this telescope in action, you can check out my video of the moon through the telescope used in this video here:

If you would like to check out the Sky Guide app, here is a link to the download page from Apple:

Let me know if you have a favorite app you use for astronomy in the comments below.

For RA users, you only need to watch the first few minutes of this video. EC users who don’t know how to use the Auto/Audiostar controller, you probably want to watch the entire video.

If you are new to astronomy or the ETX, I highly recommend this site:

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Clear Skies!


lars svendsen says:

Informative. Great video. What’s Your take on living with this telescope i sub 0?I’m close to buying a tube and need something that works ,hopefully, below -20 C (don’t know what that is in F),Scandinavian winter. Super upload anyway, and my best to you.

thomas coffelt says:

Moodio, Nice job!! I was able to set up my ETX90 the first time thanks to your info. Two questions however, do you have an electronic focuser? If so, where did you get it and is it worth the cost. Also, will the ETX90 work as well if I polar alien it? Thanks again.

Jan Willem Tunderman says:

Thanks from The Netherlands!

Pablo Lewin Productions LLC says:

Awesome job! Thank you!

PT Pavlos says:

Good information. Thanks man.

Denby Scott says:

i’m thinking of buying this scope, could you please upload some footage through it? or send me some at

Varchesis Trahan says:

Very helpful. Thanks! We have an old ETX-70 and your guide was still useful. Appreciate it!

Robert Scott says:

Great info, thanks. I bought an older ETX125 as my first telescope and was having a heck of a time trying to get it set up. Your video was extremely helpful! Thanks!!!

Gamingwithvanessa says:

Are you looking for planet at night ?

Chris Lee says:

Great video ! Have had my telescope for a number of years, but being an old fella am not very good with instructions and technical stuff, so was not able to work out how to align the scope to use Auto Star ! Thank you, you have made it so simple for an old fella !

Paul Slater says:

Hi good video, do you not use true north?? I thought you had to use true north for accuracy. You have a wedge, do you observe in EQ mode and align on Polaris? Also do you find the tripod interferes with your phone compass.

Captain 1985 says:

Excellent video. I’d like to hear from other posters about Meade’s quality control. I understand the units are made in China as are Celestron models.

TJames 66 says:

So I just purchased an ETX90 and it seems to align great, but the old school Modem noise of it keeping up with the earths rotation seems very loud, very distracting. I can’t hear yours in the video at all. Could I have a bad one ?

Benjamin Barr says:

I originally purchased an ETX 90 RA years ago at a Sam’s Club as a first telescope. What an introduction to more serious astronomy, and aside from the viewfinder, relatively easy to use and enjoy for viewing planets, the moon, etc. Only issue I ever had, that aside, was when the tracking motor gave out after a few years. I’d also recommend a better viewfinder, and the focus knob adapter (non electronic, spring operated by hand) that I found way back when. When I was 21, I purchased an 8″ LX200, and opened up a whole new world for myself and some friends and family. This scope is in need of repair because a friend, unfortunately, got curious in my absence and detached the secondary mirror, dropping it into the housing and, likely, damaging the primary reflecting mirror. I just picked up an unused, ETX 125 AT and am looking forward to getting back into things, at long last! Thanks for the video, and glad to see other younger people taking interest!

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