Going DEEP with a Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope

In this video, I use a new Ritchey-Chrétien telescope, the iOptron Photron RC6. I’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of using a telescope like this for astrophotography.

Full Post: https://astrobackyard.com/ritchey-chretien-telescope/

My final image of the Pinwheel Galaxy should give you an idea of the image scale you can expect with a DSLR camera. This telescope is available at Ontario Telescope and Accesories: http://www.ontariotelescope.com/product.asp?itemid=1269&Affid=2

Music by Aljosha Konstanty:


michael stefanovski says:

Great work Keep it up!
and the fact you are doing it from a backyard with lots of light pollution is incredible!

cheers and lets take it to 100,000 views!

Nateman Doo says:

Is that a VCR, or a 5 disc CD changer?

kostas stavropoulos says:

I’ve been imaging for years with an 8RC scope/atik 383L+ and an HEQ5 Pro mount and i have some advises that might save you some time and frustration.

1. Polar alignment is key to a very good guiding. I use Align Master and in very rare cases i drift align. After that my star alignment is spot on and i don’t have to plate solve

2. Collimation of an RC is key to having sharp pictures at the entire field of view . It is tricky but once you learn it it is well worth it. I spent a couple of years learning the RC collimation (mainly looking for method that doesn’t involve a star collimation since my imaging nights are very few) and the best tools to use are a Takahashi collimator scope and the Howie Glatter collimator, if you search on the internet you will find a 3 part guide.

3. Loose the factory focuser and get a better one. I say this because the factory focuser has a v shape when it sits at the extensions or the scope body which tilts ever so slightly under loads resulting in oval shaped stars whereas a flat surface focuser will remove this problem.

4. I can see that you guide with a finderscope, although many use this method i couldn’t make it work at my setup and i had very bad guiding, so i ended with an OAG and a Lodestar camera. The reason for that is the scale difference between the imaging and the guiding scope and minute changes in the mount movement the guide scope could’t detect thus having really bad images.

5. I am not a fan for the vixen dovetail since it has a very small area and thus poor stability on a mount. I changed it with a Losmandy dovetail and the scope is far more rigid than before.

From watching the image i can say it is a very nice photo but the stars have that oval shape near the corners of your FOV that might be a result from the above reasons mentioned (i had similar results with you when i started imaging with an RC,you can see some of my photos here https://www.astrobin.com/users/kookoo_gr/ ). Keep up the good work and welcome to world of RC scopes.

OfficialPaulBlake says:

Hey! Nice video!!

Can i have a question?
I just began testing the astrophotography and bought a Bresser Newtonian 130/650 f/5. I want to buy a studier mount ( cuz it came with a dobsonian mount ) and i’m thinking about Skywatcher EQ 3-2 or the Bresser EXOS-1 EQ4. I would want to buy a motor to, but without a GoTo for now. Which one do you prefer? And is the RA motor enough to track a DSO or is the DEC motor nessecsery?
Thanks for the reply !!!

Bill & Rae Show says:

Thanks for another informative video. So glad this adventure is working for you! This has been a long winter here in Montana and we are so glad Spring has finally arrived! Too bad it brought a big bright moon along, but a good time to work on software updates and explore program features. I have been using plate solving in APT and it is working well for me, and syncs properly with Stellarium. I had a hard time with some other plate solving solutions but APT has been straightforward for my setup at 600mm with a DSLR.

Free Speech says:

There is something missing in all your videos. Except expensive equipment , there is nothing useful. I watched this guy video… i was so impressed. Hope you learn from that.
The people watching telescope videos either try to learn few tips or wants to buy telescope and wants to get full idea from beginnning to end. Your videos are information in chopped way.

luap ynneb says:

Enjoyed the video & great image.

Chastepe says:

If you could write a book that covers astrophotography (explaining everything about equipment, tips etc etc) for Beginners to Advanced level I would instantly buy it buddy. The experience you have gained doing this all these years is priceless. Thanks

Garnett Leary says:

Hey Trevor check out Meades counterweights #1402. They are a series of small weights which attach to the underside of the dovetail bar in the front to help balance RC telescopes and the likes. I think this product may interest you even tho you mostly solved it the way you did.

Caley Hand says:

Nice work,and great channel for someone who needs guides for AP. Keep showing everyone the various avenues in AP. Hopefully your efforts will pave the way for those curious about the hobby.

Paul Kent says:

Going deep with an RC then you pull out a 6” RC. I’ve seen bigger refractors.

Anthony N says:

Learn on an SCT everything else will be easy lol reminds me of teaching my wife. Very cute. Hold on..Is your Dog ok???

shaunsprogress says:

Collimation takes like 3 minutes a week. Comeon!

Voodoo Pyro says:

I hope you enjoyed yourself at NEAF. Come visit us at Rockland Astronomy Club, the sponsors of NEAF. ADM makes weights for the dovetail which can be attached to the front of your scope.
Clear skies,

Magne Bugten says:

Don’t quit your day job. You make great content, but youtube is not going to be sustainable.

Garnett Leary says:

Also this: PRIMALUCELAB – COUNTERWEIGHT PLUS 1KG AND CLAMP. That should allow you to slide the rc further forward.

Parker Robitaille says:

Really awesome dude, love your videos. I’m finally getting my first telescope, not for photography but just trying to get my foot in the door. Thanks for everything you have taught me!

Boogie Man says:

Very cool shot. Good work! Keep it up!

mehdan2 says:

I’m new to this but what difference between a telephoto lens and a telescope with same focal length and f numbers?

Aerial Wonders says:

Can you post your shooting info: # subs, exposure time, ISO, #darks, # flats, # bias, any software tools you use, EG photoshop DSS, etc. Thank you in advance. I’ve been shooting M101 for a while with 6 inch SCT FL 1500 and do not have similar results. Using a FF Nikon D750

T.B.A.R.R.O. says:

Lol @3:25

Adam Davies says:

Would love to shake your hand! Your videos over the past few years have helped me massively and also inspired me.

adam jensen says:

I would have never used the DSLR over the ASI294mc pro in this situation, F9 is just too slow for a camera with the sensitivity of a DSLR.

Paul Wood says:

Fantastic video, thank you

Charlie Golden says:

I love my ioptron mounts, I have not tried one of their telescopes yet.

David Meissner says:

Trevor, what would you need to do to make this a career? Every thought of hosting some live video workshops to teach some if your skills?

Nate Clishe says:

I’m trying to find a good tracking mount for astrophotography with my nexstar 6se Schmidt cassegrain telescope. I’d like to keep the price as close to $2000 as I can, any suggestions?

Abort Reality says:

Why this guy has only 20k subs?

Mark Collins says:

Great work Trevor, your vids give an excellent impression of the ups and downs of imaging -I can almost feel the cold too!

Michał Sornat says:

Godspeed on your real job, mate!

Michel B says:

Great video

Unicorn Alex says:

Hey i really want one of these telescope i was wondering if you could tell me what’s a good choice to get

James Hannon says:

Just wondering if it would be possible to set up permanent piers outside for your mount.  Keeping the mount covered when not in use.  Would save a lot of polar aligning time every night.  Just found your site, very nice!

Neil Aubrey says:

Is your day job related to video production? Your sound/music is so good. Must have a library of great music.

Ted Williams says:

Great video as all of yours are, but I was a bit confused? What is 18 pounds? The OTA? It is the same identical scope with Orion and GSO and it is 12 pounds. With a dslr, and accessories it may come to about 16 pounds at best even with a small 50mm guide scope.

I am getting my Orion RC6 today and I was looking over its specs in comparison with the GSO and Ioptron models. The only difference is 100.00 more for the Orion brand.

pkwentworth says:

Trevor, you are as real as it gets! That makes watching your very informative videos a real treat! You project enthusiasm which happens to be very contagious to me as a viewer. Astrophotography for me is filled with triumphs and failures and it is such a rewarding hobby. You never seem to sweat the failures and you learn from your mistakes with a positive attitude. I look forward to learning from you as you create and share more interesting videos. And thanks for the Sharpcap polar alignment tip on one of your other videos. It was a welcome game changer from my usual polar alignment struggles! Wishing you all the best from Chebeague Island off the coast of Maine. Clear Skies!

Bike&More! says:

great video ! I´m using the same telescope typ only fom another brand and your right its really difficult to fokus and guiding with these fokul lenght, and i have started as an beginner with it 😀

Dan Morris says:

One more comment… your wife is a good sport!

Dan Morris says:

Trevor, i had to get a napkin to clean up my spilled coffee when i heard your comment about your Robin friend! His brother somehow managed to get to Hutto, Texas. I’d really like to send him back!!! Ever informative! One of your subscribers was hinting at the need for CCD. Did you have to send yours back? Was it only on loan? Just absolutely fantastic content, Trevor. I simply can’t believe you don’t have more followers. Guess folks haven’t discovered you yet. Won’t be long, my friend. You have a unique humble and informative tone which serves your videos well as you express your passion of the cosmos.

Colten Q. says:

Dude that was Awesome so much better than decent!

Edmond says:

Get one at least 10″. CEM60 should be able to handle it.

Darren Hill says:

“Oh my God, listen to him talk about this shit. He really loves it… so LATE, I want my pyjamas and a warm bed already..let’s just get this over with. Suppose it’s better than him hanging in a strip club, though.” – Your wife and my wife.

Yura gomez says:

What is a better deep sky beginner camera DLSR or CCD

Atreta says:

Are you using apt to image? I use it with platesolving and ascom it helps a lot with the star alignment, almost all targets get bang on in the fov.
Edit: sorry, just saw the part you mentioned platesolving.

Jorge Ricardo says:

Salutes from Las Vegas, hopefully you come one day to our deserts full of darkness. I pray to God you don’t stop making these videos for us, i am using my telescope at least 3 time a week because of the contagious enthusiasm you create, many people like me really appreciate your videos.
May the darkness bring the light of far worlds to our eyes and may the bits unveil the magnificence and splendor from the deep.

Richard Grudzien says:

Another great video, Trevor. Loved your NEAF one too and wished I could have been there – looked like astronomers’ nirvana.

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