Galaxys and Nebulas through my Telescope (Deep Sky Objects)

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Planetary Cam:
Barlow Lense:

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In this video I want to show you how I capture Deep Sky Objects, like nebulas and galaxys. It’s the most complicated part of astrophotography and you need to prepare your telescope before you can image distant stars. In the end of the video you can see some Deep Sky Objects I captured, like the Orion Nebula and the Dumbbell Nebula. Hope you enjoy!


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juan villalobos says:

Fake ass shit looking at stars light years away but can’t focus up close in the moon like Google earth does to look at houses cars people we want to see up close at the crater’s that were hit by asteroids if any signs of ube

MissShadow 1987 says:

Ya ya fake lol Many of those saying fake probably has no idea either that u can spot orion nebula with ur naked eye on a good clear night in the darkness . Nothing like telescope but its there i have seen it myself .

study point bio phy Chem yuvraj kumar says:

Hence it’s fake

Omert 009 says:

Very very fake

80s Guy says:

So all these galaxies were viewed from your telescope?

Verbal Vertigo says:

5:36 dude you just caught a supernova ?? upper right spiral

ste ven says:


Aman Kumar says:

What’s yr telescope name ??
I mean which company ??

Mars the Red Planet says:

It looks fake goddammit I don’t know wether to believe it or not

Papia Bakshi says:

Unbelievable fantastic

Neptune Fish says:

Theres no way u have a telescope like that lmao u cant buy telescopes who can zoom clearly in 1 light year at all

Classic Rock Mania says:

What is there’s other humans or something similar to us in another galaxy? What if there’s a life form out there trying to get to this galaxy while we’re trying to get to There’s. Think about that it’ll get your mind goin

Uroš Đošic says:

Dope! Please try finding Andromeda next time

aaron brown says:

I’d love to see VIDEO of the view thru your telescope… is all you can do still shots?

Tom C says:

Fly me there and i promise would never come back lol

FeAr PaZz says:

Does the telescope shoots the image in color or in black and white and u just add the colors based on the type of component in each picture???

Random Guy says:

I’m an astronomer and I’m crying because of flat earthers in the comment section…

Dayfitnl says:

Confirmed the Universe is flat.

Ade Emilia Sofia says:

How can a telescope like that reach millions light-years distances and get such incredibly detailed images? No irony or sarcasm, I’m just really curious as I’m an ignorant when it comes to all this. Can somebody explain this to me? Thanks.

Gunslinger says:

Goku and Superman are destorying all of them.

chris creek says:

why are all the pictures FAKE and they are paintings done by nasa.??????????????

Royal Asylum says:

Unbelievable! But amazing

XXXScottishAvacadoXXX Lel says:

What Months are best to see planets and galaxys not to mention nebulas Im a begginer with 500mm and 10 & 20mm Eye piece.

technoworld INDIA says:

our age is not enough to calculate our Galaxy

san jade says:

These are the recreated images, even hubble cant se like this, huw can they se thru little binocular fro earth, we will nver no how these things look

Dipali Ther says:

All you had shown in this video were just pics not real…. that’s fake….

TraytonPlayz says:

How Much is That Telescope?

Sebastian Badilla says:

Wait, the images you put in the video is what you see through the telescope? or just a reference, or edited images?

John Tomoson says:

How much was this ?

Qasim Bob says:

Ma sha Allah subhan Allah

Well Mefisto says:

You know, I don’t want to be an arse… The photos are wonderful, the calibration of the telescope is interesting, but this is You Tube, a site for videos! We can see pictures in the NASA site or some Facebook page, etc. Why not to make a real nice footage of these galaxies?

Mike Pontoski says:

How much did that system cost?

seanbluekiller says:

i called it “Light years Telescope”

Me: LIghT years Telescope how much is it
Alien: 23 Light years
Me: Here you go!

shreyas KR says:

Hey are you from new Zealand??

Balkan Games says:

this video is fake

After Shocked says:

Truly amazing on how small our planet is and our problems.

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