Computerized Telescopes: A Beginners Guide

Have you purchased or received a new computerized telescope lately, and are a little confused on how to get things started? Doing things on your own can be frustrating and confusing at first. Come along as I show you the basics to getting your computerized telescope up and running, hassle free.

The telescope used in this video is the Celestron NexStar 90 SLT Computerized Telescope. It is a 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain, very portable, and just a great telescope all around.


Fardin Islam says:

will they include the tripod ?

Sam Sherratt says:

Is that scope refractor or a schmit.

flyingbearing says:

Thank you!

Natalie J Rush says:

Do you have to align the finder scope (red dot scope) every time you use the telescope?

Stan T says:

Nice Job! Thanks

W Jansen says:

Beginners get frustrated.. I just bought one, and i accidentally bought a Goto GERMAN-version….Soo i need to learn the stars and the German language at the same time

Mike Neuman says:

Good video.

Nhan Ngo says:

I had the double a’s in my 130 slt and it works but it doesn’t track at the right speed

Lank871 says:

Hello Slymin! I have been doing astrophotography with my canon 60d and vixen polarie star tracker. I am starting to think that I am outgrowing the polarie with my 400mm lens! I am thinking about purchasing a Celestron Advanced VX GoTo German Equatorial Mount to make polar alignment easy and have long exposures for 400mm over 1 to 2 min. I am just starting to understand the different mount types and I was wondering, would this mount allow for easy polar alignment and accurate tracking? I understand this is a go-to mount, so from what I understand, I can press a button and it will take me to the star I want to photograph, and track it well? I loved this video by the way 🙂

people for ever says:

I have a beginner question: can i track with this telescope a moving objects on earth? (in day time)
mean, can i track moving vehicle and so?

jan monsen says:

Turning the focuser anti-clockwise because that makes you focus against gravity and that gives you a better focus???^^ That said, I loved this video, great stuff and I love how well you explain the stuff you actually have some knowledge about. The gravity thing is just plain wrong, sorry my friend, I hope you won’t hold this against me, peace 🙂
PS: I hope I find many more videos done by you, very well made and very informative as long as you keep gravity out of the equation. Gravity doesn’t even exist, it is a question about density. Much love from Norway.

Scott F. Thompson says:

Great video! I got a mini mak C70, but it doesn’t have a computerized dock. Is it possible to mount my telescope which looks very similar to this one in the same tripod such as this? Also, I remember seeing a mount that instead of being motorized, it had arrow lights light up and you would just move the scope by had until the arrow lights were happy to find your object, anyone know what that one was called or where to find it? I really like that idea for saving battery and weight.

Gene Edwards says:

Slymin, you’re video reviews are the best! I am trying to decide on the nexstar 4se or the nexstar 127slt mak-cassegrains. I read that the 127 cannot be slewed to the zenith (max tilt only 80 degrees). I really want the 127; can you please tell If the 127 can be used to view in the zenith. Also, between the 4se and the 127slt, do you recommend one over the other? Thanks.

Vale Rian says:

This is great! Maybe I’ll buy this telescope… It’s portable, good, and not too expensive..

Raging Snake says:

very nice and positive video 🙂

Nate Moyer says:

I can’t see through my telescope all I see is solid colors and this is with my cap off I don’t know what’s wrong i set everything up properly

CoolSpace says:

Nice job of your video. Looks like a great place to observe too.

Fardin Islam says:

Is this telescope available in Australia ?

M Campbell says:

Perfect , easy to understand. Thank you

RedKB says:

Beautiful location, where are you at? Looks like Mono Lake.

knightssky says:

Good video Slymin. Wish you would find time to do more astronomy vids. I was on the fence about buying a focal reducer and I bought one thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

Jose Murillo says:

Someone know if the celestron nexstar 130gt has batteries like this telescope?

Dave Stapchuck says:

Is a baader 2x Barlow worth the money for a nexstar 6se ? Your opinion ?

LpsPinkie Star says:

We have the celestron nexstar 90 slt and after aiming the telescope at the moon, aligning it with  3 stars and trying to focus it all the way one way and all the way the other we still can’t see anything but black. Going to try focusing during the day tomorrow but is anyone else having this problem? What can I do?

Zach Allerton says:

Very nice! Enjoyed the video and the instructions were clear and encouraging!

movieklump says:

First step of setting up your telescope. Don’t get hypothermia.

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