Celestron SLT 130 review after three years of use. (old vs new)

Filmed with a iPhone6. How to set-up a Nikon DSLR for this telescope; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WolQN1iOgE
Images taken with this telescope; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq64p8GNZQk


sulabh choudhury says:

great review. I just purchased this, it came with a 25mm & 9mm eyepiece. I have been trying to watch planets, specifically Jupiter but no luck yet. Any advice, should I get another eyepiece and/or a collimator?

Dukain Manning says:

Great video!!! I plan on getting this hopefully before the end of the year.

J Bar says:

The problem with the red dot finder is the switch. If you take apart the finder you’ll find the exposed backside of the switch. Notice a little red paddle that holds open the contacts to power the circuit. What happens over time when the paddle is moved to the on position the little spring loaded contact doesn’t close enough to make contact with the post in order to energize the circuit. The fix is to bend the contact post enough to close the gap between it and the switch lever when the switch is on, so the circuit will power up.
As for the broken bracket I’ve found Celestron uses mainly PVC plastic on most of the scopes I’ve seen. I’ve had pretty good luck using the PVC cement used on plumbing. You can get it at any home improvement center. You might want to bridge the backside of the break with a splint made from PVC as reinforcement.

Greg Jay says:

I have one on the way, I have seen videos where you can dl a free stacking astronomy software and use a webcam in the eye slot and get marvelous photos of planets like Saturn and Jupiter, so I hope you can rig a webcam to this one except I got the 102 the refractor, first telescope I was advised to start with one. So very anxious it should be here tomorrow! So do you have any experience with using a webcam and having it connected to your PC?

Jonathan Marquise says:

can you see deep space objects?

Tony Gonzalez says:

great review, i been looking around for a 2 inch eyepiece, how do you like that meade eyepiece thank

Justin Whittington says:

I’ve had this same scope for 3 years and it’s a great beginner level scope for simple stargazing and some simple astrophotography, like you mentioned 🙂 It’s worth it IMO. Thumbs up!

Austen King says:

Great video! Are there any particular accessories you recommend buying with this scope? This will be my first computerized telescope (I’ve used many “manual” scopes in the past) and I’m not sure if I should look at other things such as battery packs to purchase along with it.

tony g says:

thanks for taking the time to do this review, well explain. one question how do you like the meade eyepiece , hope you could do a review on it im looking foward in buying a few thanks

Zach Parsons says:

I may be getting the Celestron 130SLT Newtonian for my birthday this month. I was wondering if I could see messier objects like the Ring nebula.

Riccardo Di Toto says:

Great vids. I’ve been looking to get a Go To scope, but been on the fence with the 130SLT. Looks like a great scope for the price. Do you get any vignetting with the 2 inch eyepiece?

james dean says:

I had this scope for 5 years and i still use it

Zeram Proxy says:

I’m thinking about picking this for my first scope but I also want something good for viewing the solar eclipse this year. I know I’ll need a solar filter for the front lens but is this a good scope for the eclipse? would you suggest any special eye pieces or a different scope all together. thanks

Namik Sevlic says:

I just got my scope … do you have any suggestions for eyepieces. I got a celestron zoom lens 9mm-24mm and a 2X barlow lens. In your opinion is there a must have for this particular scope? Thank you so much and thank you for the awesome video helped out so much.

Fred J Pearce says:

Nice review

Tazz Shakur says:

What’s the difference between a reflector and a reflactor telescope?

paul stradley says:

I have had mine for 5 years and have enjoyed it. The auto tracking is not always great mainly because I don’t do the alignment very well I guess. I used it for the eclipse last year and it was great. I just manually adjusted the tracking. Overall a good beginner scope.

rccrashburn says:

Is the primary mirror spherical or parabolic?

Cuthbert Milligen says:

Cute! Did you notice the squirrel @ 0:48 at center right?

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