Celestron RASA F2 Telescope Review

TLDR; This telescope is nuts. It feels like the future of telescopes.

For current RASA price & specs, hit the amazon link : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K6E1Y14/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00K6E1Y14&linkCode=as2&tag=dylodon-20&linkId=0e207c5fe9802d8edac2d14ac3099d61


Joe K says:

The one thing that gave me pause (and ultimately deterred me) is that by weight, this OTA appears to need a large capacity mount. Even minimally loaded, it’s approaching 75% of the CGX capacity, which seems to violate some of the conventional wisdom about astrophotography weight limits. I take it you’ve had no problems with the overall configuration, but I’m also wondering how much of that is due to other factors like having it enclosed in a dome, etc.

Steve Murray says:

Thank You Dylan, very interesting.

Gollond Black says:

Thanks for that review Dylan it was great to watch. I really wish my refractor was that fast lol.

Tim Campbell says:

Great video, Dylan.  I have a club member that owns this scope and it’s amazing how quickly he can image things that take an eternity for us SCT owners.  

Regarding the diffraction spikes caused by the wire… you should be able to eliminate them by curving the wire.  Put a keeper on the side of the optical tube to hold the wire so that the path to the center curves in like a “C” shape.   You can buy dobs with curved “spider vanes” instead of flat cross-shaped vanes that serve the same purpose.  The diffraction spike occurs because light bends as it passes the edge.   With flat vanes (or a straight wire) there’s a long length where all the light is diffracting in the same direction along the edge… and it adds up to create the large spikes on brighter stars.  But curving the vane (or wire in your case) the light diffraction isn’t parallel… so it doesn’t add up to create a big spike.

Naser 12 says:

10,000$ wow But , In your pictures i saw stars in the corner don’t circle? Sorry my bad English, I’m from Kuwait .

Ray's Astrophotography says:

Hi Dylan, great information, and excellent thoughts. I am thinking of Hyperstar and was wondering whether OSC or Monochrome ZWO. Those filter wheels and filters can get pretty expensive both time and money wise. What do you recommend?

Matt Watson says:

Hey Dylan. Really enjoyed your review. Have been interested in hearing a bit about the Celestron RASA. Don’t know if it’s something I’d buy myself at this stage, but I never say never where astro gear is concerned! Haha.
Being a C14EdgeHD owner, I’ll most likely go the Hyperstar path and enjoy having an instrument capable of planets and DSO. But it’s certainly got my interest. Nice job, man

Daneoid81 says:

Hey Dylan, any chance of an in depth look at PHD2 and autoguiding in general?

Nick Johnson says:

That was very informative! The RASA is an impressive scope! Great job!

Sean M says:

Yeah that’s why I liked my ATIK 460 on my C11 hyperstar setup for its tube form. I really enjoyed HS but struggled with coma on the edge. Sounds like RASA figured that part out. Star color was hard to manage as well. Overall though I actually found it a lot of fun when beginning. I’ve since switched back to RC8 and my ES ED127. Just got a QSI 690 wgs this guy had New in the box. Unfortunately it’s form factor is too big for the RASA. I do miss the ease and fast exposures. Each way of shooting has its strengths and weaknesses but if time is a problem for you or if your view of the sky is small this is a great solution. Oh and I also bought one extra filter Slider adapter so I could have my next filter ready to go when it was time to change,
Good job Dylan. Thanks for taking the time. Sean

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