Celestron NexStar 8SE Review

2-Year review of Celestron 8 SE telescope.



Excellent, glad I found this review as I’m looking at purchasing this very scope, here in the UK.

Brian Clark says:

Well done review Sir! You seem to have overlooked that with goto and the ability to hibernate the mount, with careful safely you canview the planets. Mercury, Venus. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are daytime objects also. Even the Moon is worth day time viewing the only restrictions I have found is night time solar work, even with the goto mount and proper filters your doomed to failure.

ryan pollock says:

Great vid. well done.

Martin says:

Very helpful, thanks

Dreadnought says:

Thanks Rob for making this introduction video. Your clear advice and observations are very practical and helpful for me as I am considering buying one. At the very least it shows me exactly the size of the thing compared to a Celestron Omni XLT 120, which unfortunately has proved too big for me to carry around over here in the UK’s North Somerset. Right now Mars is looking rather good even with 10 x 50 binoculars, but seeing it through a proper device such as this would once again “open up my eyes” to the world of astronomy. Thanks again, Nick

Peter Morris says:

As much review of astronomy as of the 8SE and a rare, refreshing review it is. Thank you for your honesty, humour and advice. Very much appreciated. Greetings from England!

Ghost Hunter says:

Excellent review, found it very informative as I’ve just bought the Nexstar 8 SE two days ago.

GGrif Google says:


Andrew Hunter says:

what was the software that you showed?

Jerome Goodwin says:

You got this stuff for doing the ad didn’t you?

Dean Mindock says:

You can put a solar filter on it and view the sun. But your point of not being able to use it at any old time you got the urge is spot on. One thing that peeps should know is that having a local dealer is very handy. You can order the Celestron Nexstar scopes at Best Buy’s website and pick them up at your local Best Buy. They also sell the double forked scopes for those that got the desire and the money. If you do have a local retailer then buy from them; if not then consider Best Buy. Some camera stores do carry telescopes and binoculars too. I bought a mount from a store on the west coast and it was dead on arrival. So, I got to wait two months for a replacement. If the store was local and not 2500 miles away, I could simply do a swap or get a refund.

ParalysedGekko says:

What an enormously precious clip you posted here. Thank you for your awesome review. This is the kind of presentation that i hoped to find to determine the pros and cons of the 8SE. Excellent job! Thank you sooo much for that!

simplechristian1 says:

you are assuming the photons are traveling at a constant rate and that time is progressing at a constant rate.  that’s a big assumption, check out physicist barry sutterfield.

skydreamer76 says:

What software do you use again? For planning before going outside to use your telescope.

nelson rivera says:

Im so glad i found this video , although i already have a telescope (meade etx 90) that i purchased about 10 years ago , im looking for a new updated telescope and this video answered all my questions as to which one to buy ,thanks , are there any sites you can recommend for star gazing and reference? thank you again ,exellent video



Babachew Bob says:

Outstanding review sir!

JM Sloan says:

This video was super helpful. Just received a 6SE from someone and knowing the right accessories to buy gives me a lot more peace of mind. I was about to buy that lens kit!

C says:

I like that Mark Hetfield from Metallica likes stars too

Jack Thompson says:

Yes you are right on everything that you have talked about on here., I go through the same thing here where I am, and I’m out in the country away from most of the light pollution from city night lights..

nxo ovo says:

name of website at 0:46??

Jef Blogs says:

What a wonderful review, your narrative was clear calm and to the point, the correct speed. and well presented with the video quality.

Drew Hosick says:

Holy moly. It was weird watching the start of your video. I’m looking at buying a Nexstar so I happened upon your video but just last night I took my camera with a 105mm lens out just trying to capture Bode’s M81 and M82. I knew it would be small and fuzzy but we were out at a fire and i was trying to show other people. Most people just couldn’t appreciate what those two smudges represented. Anyways, I said to my brother-in-law, pretty much verbatim what you said about Andromeda. I said that the one galaxy, M81, is about 12 million light years away. In other words it took 12 million light years for the light from that galaxy to reach my camera and for the photons to be captured. Just uncanny that one day later you practically, not only captured the essence of what I said, but said it just about in the exact same way. It’s always nice to hear that others can appreciate just how amazing our universe is and it makes ya feel like you’re not the only one who sees it!

ThePandaBeat says:

*Thumbs up, no doubt, thank you for this very informative video.*

Mannix says:

In plain English… if you’re willing to spend a lot of money…

Laszlo Z. Antal says:

What do you use to take pictures? Those images look amazing. Also what post-processing software do you use? Now with the evolution 8 is out the price of this one fall below $1000, so I am considering to purchase it.

Larry Miller says:

Thanks for a very informative video.

Life says:

Can you leave links in the description for things you recommend where you bought it?… If you have time out your day. Thanks.

Ricky Spanish says:

Anybody recommend this telescope? I’m going to buy one soon.

nelson rivera says:

Celestron NexStar Evolution 8″ SCT GoTo Telescope whats the difference between this one and yours? just doing research ,thank you

Cezar V. says:

beautiful video…i have a question , i need an opinion on this telescope ” Telescope Meade Maksutov MC 127/1900 StarNavigator 125 Mak NG AZ GoTo “

Ray's Astrophotography says:

Rob, your’s is the first review I saw before I bought my telescope. Honest review. There are several things I learned over the course of time. But I really appreciate your review.

david Silva says:

Were the pictures near the end of the video taken with your scope? Excellent vid!

tominator3 says:

Good honest review

Bernard Wilkinson says:

Thank you for this really good review.

phuck ewe says:

Do you ever use it for terrestrial viewing?
In other words, could it be used as a high power spotting scope?

Lee Diercks says:

Fantastic brother! I’m so freaking excited because after many pay days of tucking away those couple dollars here and there-couple times being forced to put the dream aside and take care of life’s financial curveballs and again build the account up slowly again to which I’ve finally arrived at my day where the account has been drained for exactly what I wanted ! 2pm I am taking my hands on tutorial of my NexStar 8SE to learn the fundamentals and come nightfall tonight and many many more to come I’ll be scanning every possible inch of the nights canvas and hope to share with everyone Around me the impossibly beautiful galaxy and beyond !

Pigeon Productions says:

wow. i am 14 years old, just got my first real (beginner-ish) telescope and your childhood story is almost exactly like mine. Joined astronomy club in middle school, viewing saturn for the first time was unforgettable. my teacher has this telescope and it’s fantastic.

Ronnieb12c says:

really good review and information generally. thanks guy!

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