Celestron NexStar 8SE 8″ – Orion Nebula M42

Orion Nebula M42 with a Celestron Nexstar SE 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized telescope of 8″ (200mm) aperture and 2m (2000mm) focal length and standard alt-az mount, and a Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer. Canon EOS T3 12Mp camera (body only bought used on Amazon for $190) set at 1600 ISO, 50 x 10-second exposures add up to a total of 8min 20sec exposure time. Celestron LPR UHC 94123 filter used to reduce city lights pollution. Individual images have been automatically stacked (rotated and shifted) with Deep Sky Stacker (DSS). I will be happy to answer any questions below!


Gaming Paradise says:

Nice Vedio Man@.Can you please tell me about the mount used by Your telescope.Is it the original mount that comes with the telescope,cz i have heared people saying that you need a eq mount for astrophotography?Thanks in Advance& appreciate your work!

hovlandbound says:

That’s sooo cool, great job.  I bought that same telescope about 10 minutes ago and I’m pumped!  Thanks for posting.

David Asta says:

Awesome video! I have kind of the same gear as you SE 8 and EOS T3i. What I don’t have is the focal reducer (yet). Please, could you tell how do you attach the DSLR to the telescope? I’ve tried with T-Ring + T-Adapter and T-Ring+Tele Extender, but I can’t get any focused image on my camera. Thanks a lot in advance.

Clete Pfeiffer says:

That is some excellent work! I notice that the center of the nebula is a bit over exposed. That is somewhat surprising given the 10 second exposure time. I assume that it has to do with the 1600 ISO setting. Have you considered taking additional exposures at a lower ISO and then merging the images in Photoshop to get an image with a higher dynamic range (i.e. without the over exposed center)? Also, a 20 second exposure at 800 ISO would give you the same amount of data but with a lot less noise. The issue with that, however, is the potential for star trailing. It depends on how tight your alignment is with the celestial pole.
Anyway, just wanted to get some feed back from you on those thoughts because I’m literally just now getting started with astrophotography. I have just about your same set up except that I have a Pentax Kx camera and the Celestron AVX mount.. So far I haven’t gotten any good images except of the Moon. I haven’t thought to go with such short exposure times though. I’ll be trying that next! Cheers!

erszebet says:

hello. i wont and don’t wanna do astophotopraphy so I’m one interested in seeing nebulas and galaxies very clearly and colourfully. so can I get views like the ones in the video without stacking? thanks in advance

Mike K says:

is that the raw image what you saw looking thru the eye piece ? Or is it enhanced / or cropped ? Was going to buy the 6 SE but was looking for some feedback first from others .

Laura Wells Research, News, And Astronomy says:

What did you use to get these shots? I just bought one of these and it should be here tomorrow… I also bought the Celestron Skyris 236C camera .. think that can get anything near this good? Great work by the way ..

ThePetruccigod says:

Song name? Btw really nice shots

Javier Gonzalez says:

im considering on buying my first telescope and its this one. any tips to get good shots like this

Kai Longridge says:

Wow this is so impressive and inspiring considering you dont have thousands in camera equipment

Notts boy24 says:

Nice Results! cool video 🙂

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