Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope 2017 Edition – Latest Leak Project

Celestron, NexStar 8 SE Telescope – Unboxing the 2017 Edition. Getting ready for Astrophotography for you all to see.
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HIBBITS 762x54r says:

You’ll be searching awhile if your looking for niburu. Considering it doesn’t exist.

KaalTrikaal says:

atleast someone is finding planet x for us, Appreciated ur effort…

reffoelcnu alouncelal says:

I would love one of these ,I’ve got a fifty year old scope it’s great but the modern ones are amazing ,

Celestial Goshert says:


todd garfeild says:

rex does it image in the infrared?

Shawn Robertson says:

I also live in San Antonio, and been wanting this telescope for years. I would like to do astrophotography. I’m looking forward to seeing the images from this telescope.

Michael Shultz says:

Brahahaha… You will never see planet X let alone the Apollo L.E.M. left overs on the moon! You’ll need a M U C H L A R G E R Telescope ! And I doubt that your pockets are that deep or your dick that big !GIGGLES. …

HelensVlogs says:

My rooster in Houston Texas did 3:00-3:10am party
What is causing this middle of the night
Last week 1:30am
And around dec 12 also 1:30am

todd garfeild says:

rex good luck getting past the chemtrails.. even tonight with the full moon lighting the entire sky, I could see the ongoing grid work of chemtrails

7777777777 77777777777 says:

I hope you learn much brother and share with us more knowledge.

Elvis Velez says:

Looks great Rex , awesome choice brother!

ferric oxide says:

I have some information on a “projected area” according to a footprint matrix regarding the location of a suspected magnetic anomaly; early A.M. Upper Right Quadrant just south of the ecliptic of Jupiter

Shaner Macmillan says:

Rex, sweet this should be very interesting,,, getting excited,,, I’ll be watching,,,,

john carcamo says:

Kick ass

HiveTyrant36 says:

I’m excited

mick cansell says:

you need to keep the eyepiece tray tight to the tripod legs because it is the leg brace.

Zero Quanta says:

Almost forgot. Trump supposedly JUST hired Grandson of Kennedy to go over whether it is Ethical to make people get Vaccines. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Fist up, Fight for Truth.

dongmaster9001 says:

Wasnt expecting a cute dog in this video

Robin D says:

This is so exciting!! Don’t feel bad, I am eating Ramen the rest of this month and I didn’t even GET an awesome telescope. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Elliott J says:

so is ther a second part looking for the vid when you use it

Chuck Redhill says:

I used the 6″ with computerized gps controls. I think you’ll be pleased….but I hope some subscriber near by who’s familiar with that particular scope would come and help you with it as it is frustrating trying to initialize it and setup. You rock man. Thank you for your work. God speed bro.

Roel Imperial says:

Way to go brother! You are one of the true watchmen we can trust nowadays. Hey Planet X, here comes Rex! Stay safe and may the force be with you.

Jeff Lucas says:

Wow, gives me flashbacks when I first started.

Barry Cohen says:

URGENT! You have already been exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC
Fukushima cell mutating radiation & heavy metals from the air, water, sea or from
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curtis sherrill says:

hip-hip we got a full moon

death loves guests says:

Hey Rex,would you consider doing any live streams with that? That would be amazing!

Ed Jones says:

Good luck on the new search. Telescopes are fun, but many people get into them with way to high of expectations. I have a very large custom made dobsonian. It is pretty cool to see things that most will never see except in pictures. My first time seeing the rings of Saturn with my own eyes was pretty memorable. Just like anything else it is a learning experience and it is one that helps to broaden ones understanding of the sky. Not to mention you will find yourself looking up more often than you already do. Lol. Happy hunting!

justin in buffalo says:

you should start with the iss and hubble

Zero Quanta says:

Niccccccceeeeeee! HEY, new theory on the Pink clouds. This woman says it is because of Aluminum tipped Fiberglass and glass pieces (of course Chem trail). She has “PROOF”.
Fist up, Fight for Truth. PS. I hope you tried to get it for FREE “FIRST”.

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