Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope Review

The Celestron NexStar 4 SE is an awesome telescope. It has a lot of neat features for what is considered a beginners telescope. It has a very unique flip-mirror, and a polar wedge mounted to its sturdy tripod.

The Celestron NexStar 4 SE telescopes utilizes the awesome Maksutov-Cassegrain design. This design uses a Maksutov lens at the front, which also holds the secondary mirror in place.

The unique flip mirror on this telescope allows a camera to be attached at the rear (with the necessary adapter) and an eyepiece to drop in just above that. Switching between camera and eyepiece couldn’t be simpler.

The NexStar 4 SE is a very quiet telescope. Whether you are tracking in Equatorial or Altitude-Azimuth mode it will be nearly silent. Quick slew speeds also compliment this telescope nicely.

Of all the telescopes I have ever owned, this comes close to my favorite. It has been a very reliable, durable and portable telescope. Camping trips, car rides, and other outings are perfect for this telescope, and you don’t have to worry about losing collimation with the Maksutov-Cassegrain design.

With a 4″ diameter mirror, and an extremely solid mount this telescope can do it all. Beginner astrophotography? No problem. Quick trips? Check.

I can’t say enough about this fantastic telescope, other then I highly recommend it!


Fikret alp Işık says:

Hey there i found somone selling this in my country for a nice price but there is something missing
one of the black parts at the end of the tripod is missing. Is it a big problem? what do you think

alexius984 says:

But don’t have a diagonal prism?

Augustus says:

My 4SE is not that silent.

Dirk Diggler says:



Hi Slymin,
How do you set up the 4SE out of the box ? Could you please explain especially if you need to do any aligning.

2027850 says:

Had to stop the video because the wind was louder than you. Not sure why you did the video outdoors in windy weather.

Chin Sown says:

Thanks for the review, which should I consider the slt 127 or this 4se? I bet if you revoice your video I.e lip sync and record in a room be better…

missing1person says:

is it a good idea to make a review of a telescope outside in the wind during daylight?!

Raymond Martens says:

I saw your 4 year review of the 8 you mentioned things you don’t like as well as additional things to buy what about this 4? Anything you don’t like or accessories you would add?

Luca Stronks says:

Hi, does the function of not just locating but tracking a star or say the moon (to compensate for the earth’s rotation) require additional accessories? And does it work while not tracking anything, while just staring into space?

Raymond Martens says:

Are those air soft gloves

zar87 says:

sound is a little sketchy

SupercarSounds PT says:

Hi, do you know what is the best telescope to buy, between celestron 127slt and 4se? The 4se is cheaper but only comes with a 25mm lens and 127 slt has two lenses.

John Gatton says:

How do you change Language to English?

Ben Pickering says:

does it track moving objects? For example doing a time-lapse with the moon kept in the centre?

Tempes Fugit says:

Thanks for the great review.
I have a few questions:

Is this telescope (being f/13) usable for deep sky objects? Or is it limited to planet/moon observation?

Can a focal reducer be of any use? Do you recommend it for deep sky objects?

Does it track any better than it’s bigger brother the 6SE or 8SE for longer exposure time?

How long will the AA batteries last on a cold night i.e around 32F? Would a power pack be better then?

Can it handle the weight of a DSLR? or would the 5SE frame be sturdier?

Is the included finderscope of sufficient quality? I believe it is the same finderscope as the 8SE.

thanks for your time!!

Géto D'Anacaona says:

Thanks. After your video, I think I’ll get an SE instead of SLT (102) (maksutov vs refractor). But collimation concerns: is 5SE more likely but easier to collimate if ever vs 4SE. Per images, 5SE has 3 small screws in central circle, which 4SE does not. Also what about the star-simulation procedure vs laser collimator? Even if rarely needed, please comment on collimation for 4se vs 5se, if you could. Thanks.

Else Clarke says:

~~Celestron NexStar 4SE Telescope 11049 – 4″ Special Edition Maksutov – Cassegrain Computerized Telescopes w/ Free Shipping and Handling http://shrsl.com/?~ccnd

Robert Schoen says:

Thanks for the videos. I found them very helpful in choosing a first telescope for my daughter and I!

Craig Roy says:

it looks sooo cold there, great review. Have been considering purchasing this telescope for a while. You’ve convinced me I should 🙂

Bill Cosby says:

I Have One But no Diagonal 90 Degree eyepiece For This Telescope…

Jupiter says:

I have currently got a 114 LCM and I’m looking for an upgrade since I’ve had it for a while now, I’m thinking of an Celestron Nexstar 8SE or a 9.25 Nexstar Evoloution. Should I get any of them?

Stan Juan says:

I wanted to watch this video so bad. It’s hard to actually find real reviews on this series of scopes. But I had to stop 25 seconds in due to your mic. Such a shame too, because based on other comments, It seems this is the type of review I was looking for.

michael carquez says:

Another great review Slymin! I think this would be a great grab and go scope for any astronomer to purchase

Germaine Grewal says:

Where are you

Adam Turner says:

Thanks, good review not sure the 5se would be worth the extra £200 after watching this.

SmartPotato says:

I got this telescope for my birthday, and I still have no idea how to see the planets/nebulas (even when I align it to the planet, I can’t see anything) The only thing i can see is the moon.

What lens do I use to see this stuff?


Might be a good review however, I can only make out every other word. Maybe if you made another review with all the missing words I might understand what you are saying. Sad that you put all that effort into making this video however it is unintelligible.

Photo21 says:

Interesting review. Two questions: 1. Will a camera mounted on the rear collide with the base when imaging near the zenith (alt-az) mode or near the pole (equatorial mode)? 2. Does the software care if the mount is in equatorial or alt-az configuration and does it compensate for leveling or polar alignment errors? Thanks.

Should I Smoke This? says:

Good review! Very in-depth. You REALLY need a lapel mic though. Lots of your audio was lost in the wind (literally). That’s a mistake I made early on in one of my YouTube channels too.

8585 says:

Is there a zoom in zoom out button?

Gene Edwards says:

Another information-packed video review! I haven’t viewed any that can match your knowledge and delivery! I watch your reviews many times and take notes. Thank you very much!

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