Celestron Nexstar 127SLT Vs Meade DS2114 Starnavigator Series


Robert Westholm says:

thanks for the answere back bro . would mind talking with you skype radrob9911 . erase that after you record it thanks

starblazers1969 says:

Is the Celestron NexStar 127SLT still working good?

sonofmabarker says:

DA14 is a asteroid. Will make its fly-by on 2/16. The comet ISON will start to show in the sky in late early thru the end of the year. It will be at its brightest in late November.

Paa Hawkins says:

This is our next scope along with the Celestron 102 GT both coming next month. Wanted to round out our Zhumell 10″. Should be an awesome combo plus we needed a nice GoTo with some portability. Glad you made this video my friend!

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

LMAO booty shotz

Smallgrave says:

Great vid m8!
I have the Celestron slt127 myself and I’m loving it for the amatuer skywatching I’m doing. I have bought a T2-ring for my dslr camera to stick in the end of the lense too wich works great!

What camera do you use to drop in the eyepiece? A web camera – if so what web camera??

Thanks infront and have a great weekend!

Gregory Salvatore says:

I have the 127EQ and I love it no motors or BS to fail good old manual tracking , I have seen lots of cool things with it so far I wish I had the set up for the camera to take pics of what I seen but all in time I guess , I wish the weather would be better for sky watching here its been cloudy , one way for gov to hide things is cloud up the sky and not let us see it

tom33pr says:

Cool video!!!
What was his reaction like when you showed it to him? I’m sure he loved it!

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

he was so stoked he couldn’t believe it

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

I have been keeping up with Ison it seems it does have companions but it is still to far way for my telescopes to spot, I have a video releasing today with a DA14 and ison update

shane brady says:

Yo man, if you have a DSLR and adaptor ring, It helps BIG to have a two inch diagonal, or scope back! They work GREAT mate! Set it on VID, let it run 3 minutes on Jupiter, then load this vid into REGISTAX[free]. Ask it to stack and align, the sharpest 1000 1 25th of a second frames. Thats 250, 1 second frames[equal]. These give the same as a LONG exposure,no tight tracking, AND, it keeps only the frames when the seeing was good! It varies in mirage from great, to shit, by the minute sometimes!

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

Meade DS2000 starnavigator series and Celestron LCM series are good beginner scopes

paulkazjack says:

Lets hope your son opens YOUR presents before you do….bet he was well upset?

Skywatcher Prime says:

So what’s the bubble level for?

spencer orvis says:

Hi I am wanting this telescope and am new to astronomy but I am also going to take pictures with a canon EOS 20D camera and have heard that the mount for the telescope does not track well with the DSLR cameras so I was wondering if you have used your camera and what kind you used so if you could input on this or comment that would be much a appreciated thanks!

spencer orvis says:

hi i am new to telescopes and am looking to get one this one in particular but i have a 20D eos dslr camera and have heard that this kind of camera is too heavy when mounted onto the telescope by a t-ring the reason they say its too much work for this telescope is that the tripod and the mount that the telescope is used to attached it to the tripod is crap and vibrates and that the motor cant handle the weight of the camera i was hoping you might have some knowledge on this and could help me out

shane brady says:

You really need a scope man, great skies there. Awesome views, and a lot of great nights!! If you decide on one, PM me, i have a number of them, and have long been through the hassles of finding out, what is what!!

Mel H says:

Would you recommend this scope of the Nexstar 5SE for our first family one? We will be viewing the night sky at Cape Cod, very dark.

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

the pac man moon was taken with a camera alone not through the scope

Geonious says:

Be wary of the motor in those Celestrons. I purchased a Celestron – NexStar 114 GT and motor started grinding. I sent it back (on my dime) and when it came back I was using it and the side cover fell off. Here they tightened the screws too much and broke the case and tried to GLUE it instead of replacing it. The motor was grinding again. They told me to ship it again (on my dime). I threw a fit and they paid for shipping. I didn’t send it to them. I fixed it myself. Celestron is junk!

Fardin Islam says:

Can I handle or move the celestron 127slt around ( I mean manully ) without using remote handling buttons ? & how much weight the scope is

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

it is simplistic my son has been running goto scopes since he was 5, he can set up and align his own scope,

Dwayne Refford says:

DarkSkyWatcher74 – I brought my son a 127 SLT Telescope for Christmas this year after seeing a few videos online..  I was taken back on what you can see with the scope and that is why I purchase one.  After getting the 127 SLT setup I pointed the scope to the full moon and here I get a bright light.  I tried focusing in the telescope focuser knob but still the moon shows up as a bright light..  I then point the telescope to a building about 100 to 200 feet anyway and I was able to focus in on one brick with no problems..  I’m using the 20mm eyepiece and I’m unsure what I doing wrong..  I email Celestron tech support a few days ago and have not heard back..  any advise you can give me would be appreciated..

shane brady says:

Mostly built cheap :/ I started with an HEQ5, with a Synta 120, 1000 mil FL! LONG before GOTO!! I have an HEQ6 Saxon, and an equivalent Celestron! GOTOS NO COMPARISON. SAXON anyday! Scopes are a 10 inch, handmade 20th wave primary, 30th wave second Silk lined[black:/] floating 9 point mirror cell Newtownian[5500$]Without a mount!, but you must start out easy! APO refractor is a Williams Optics, 110 mil. F7. The newt will pull 600 plus on a GOOD night, the Williams, 350!…QUALITY!

astrospacerich says:

Thanks guy, Rich

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

I will be trying to get back to all of your comments this weekend sorry about that.

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