Celestron CPC 9.25 first use and moon

GOD IT WAS / IS so cold out! Please leave a comment if you wish. The moon and a shot at a badly blocked Jupiter take center stage in my first and very cold outing with the telescope. More to come!


John Moore says:

Disgusting sounds. Pathetic image. Abstain yourself from doing despicable things during a public video idiot Having a runny nose is ok, but blow that shiat out before you start recording you animal.


Can you get closer than this with telescopes you can buy??

Omar Khan says:

Great videos. I’m eventually getting a 9.25″. It’s a fantastic scope.

Ben Hedstrom says:

Wow Plymouth mass! I live in Kingston!

Karim Nasser says:

Why would Jupiter increase in size using a 2″ adapter kit?

Bend Em says:

Wow you saw starship enterprise Captain Kirk

Peter Hughes says:

Brilliant mate….scope

Frank Schimpke says:

das c 9.25 habe ich auch uns zeigt am planeten super bilder ohne wenn und aber.auch in der deep sky schlägt es sich tapfer.

kenbass69 says:

Thats pretty awesome!

ceciliaFX says:

That is spectacular!!!

Swinde says:

At prime focus the magnification will be near 40x on an 8 inch F10 SCT.   I would think that the 9.25 might be close to that.  What is the focal length?

yoda6677 says:

SCT telescopes work by gathering more light so you may not see an initial increase in size with a camera.. however it will become apparent with higher magnification eyepieces whereas with a smaller scope there will be little or no details in the same image. If you do use a camera the images will have to be stacked…

Daniel Danrich says:

That was fun to watch, thanks

narsing K says:

You are best man. I loved it. Please more videos

JayDebbie Frye says:

Sweet shots there 88, thanks for sharing.

Brian Flores says:

Love how smooth or non shaky the scope is!

TimTools99 says:

Thinking about purchasing this scope and mount.  Thanks for the quick vid

Al-Iskander Al-Albani says:

Since I plan to buy this thing, and I have an EOS 600D, i already bought a Baader Planetarium Hyperion Zoomokular (eyepiece) – can you actually try to connect your camera to the eyepiece, so that I can see “live” how much bigger Jupiter would look like. Of course it would be an approximation since I do not know which eyepieces you use (the H.zoom has 8mm-24mm), but I would be very thankful as it would help a lot before I buy the 925. Thank you.

Gary Zapotoczny says:

Nice video.  Nice glass on the 9.25!  Thanks for sharing.

Star Tr3k3rando says:

beaiutifull fotage

Eddie CJ says:

Wow that is awesome!, nice video, i can’t wait for my CPC 11′ on its way, from what you say about the 9.25 being a beast of a scope i can imagine the 11′ i should start working on the biceps lol. how are you liking your scope so far? i see its been 2 years since this upload, thx!

cockneyb2k says:

it’s OK but had the same or prob better views from a 200p with a CCTV camera as in this video. DSLR are OK but you just don’t get the best mag from prime. CCTV chips seem to mag alot better than DSLR from prime. good video though.

saveoursoles says:

Wow! dude awsome video. Have you tried looking at Orion Nebulae with this scope yet? It would be nice if you could share with us the view with this scope. Hope you do some more astrovids.

davestory says:

great mate keep it up you will get better and better   🙂

Janie Ackley says:

thanks for posting

geoffers77 says:

Bloody Awsome mate, and no shaky scope

Tristan YVON says:


Stephen Mcintyre says:

Great vid, still saving up for this scope.May i ask what you use to power the scope from the mains? Don’t really want to buy the Celestron power tank as it has things on it i would not use.

N4GW says:

Nice video.  I also have the C9.25 on an AVX mount.   Great scope

MrWellsy66 says:


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