Celestron CGX Review


Celestron CGX Review! High Point Scientific got an exclusive look at Celestron’s new CGX equatorial mount! This mount has been three years in the making and is packed full of new features. Check out all of the details right here!

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Michael Newsome says:

your acoustics are horrible. who edited this ?

Sami Sattanen says:

Horrible echo….

MGR1900 says:

Nothing against the phenomenal telescope which obviously is top of the line but I’m amazed a company as big as Celestron approved this video with the public bathroom quality sound. What’s up with that? It’s almost unbearable to watch. Seriously.

Adam84 says:

Can the declination hard stop by rotated 90 degrees? I use a side by side mount and the mounts dovetail is pointed East-West in the home position. This would be a deal breaker for me if it can’t 🙁

John S says:

As long as you don’t have to send the mount back to Celestron for repair, that is why I’ll never buy another Celestron mount. First time over three months to fix the DEC gear. Then they forgot to relieve some of the common stiction in the axes, so I had to send it back on my dime and it took them a month to do that! Sounds like it has some good improvements, but no talk on how it really performs guiding and tracking while astro imaging.

andicus1 says:

Interesting, but not really a review. An overview, perhaps.

Gunnar Jensen says:

Has this mount been replaced by Celestron CGEM II ?? Why ???

Green Wall says:

belt driven handles torque well i.e in rc helis belt is used to spin 325mm blades. nice add on though! When telescopes havd come this far (belt driven motors). another interesting and more reliable add on feature would be a “BRUSHLESS” motor instead of brushed ones. i always believed and loved that Astronomy and Aviation aircrafts are related. apart from that where telescopes like these have amazing features and gadgets attributed to it, just a thought (a balancing sensor) can be a future add on to eliminate the need of bouncing the scope and weights in R.A. and Dec mode, which perhaps will prevent the newtonians from going out of collimation as well. ☺

Future World Media says:

How are you suppose to use a polar scope, or a PoleMaster in my case, with the handle in the way?

Mark Brownell says:

Price point?

RedKB says:

It looks awesome, would love to try it with my c11!

Dylan O'Donnell says:

Looks like Celestron have a GREAT mount to compete with others now.

Anthony Johnstone says:

Good demo, but this is not a review. One of the problems with this hobby is that the manufacturers seem to have the media under their thumbs, and everyone has to rely on word of mouth to get an honest assessment of equipment.

johndoris1992 says:

I’m a local who has purchased from your business Through Grant & Dave. Hope to see more informational videos posted. John (from the town your in not far from 206)

SubOrbitalBen says:

Can you use the SkyPortal Wifi to an app like SkySafari and completely run your imagining that way? Assuming you are using the NexGuide Autoguider to track etc.. I am sole Mac User and don’t want to have to deal with PC.

Christian Mazhi says:

Hummm !!
1 -No bubble level, yet there’s room to fix it.
2- A key allen !!! – But that is not possible!!! Designers do not use the products they make. It is the loss of screws from the first installation. At that price is HONTEUX?
It is silly because the mount seemed to be well born.

Sorry about my English (I go through a translator

Grumpy Hobbit says:

I am currently going to be purchasing a Celestron CGX-L with 9.25 Edge HD SCT. I assume that the only real difference between the two mounts (CGX and CGX-L) is the additional payload capacity, or are there other features that the CGX-L has?

Mermaid says:

I like your vid, dislike for the sound though.

Adrian Kaz says:

Glad you guys are in the visual industry because the audio sucks. Couldn’t watch more than two minutes.

MGR1900 says:

Celestron does telescopes well. Lavalier microphones, well, not so much.

Starman609 says:

Can you take the handle off of the CGX to be able to use the PoleMaster camera and software? I like the idea of the carry handle but it does seem to be in the line of sight for pole alignment.

Terry Van says:

Like to know more about the initial polar alignment features (polar scope) etc.

Darren Weatherall says:

Buy an external microphone! It sounds like you filmed this in your bathroom

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides says:

could the audio be more annoying?

shaun george says:

get the sound sorted ..

Tony Gonzalez says:

would the hand control work with the avx mount? noticed now you have an usb port instead of the rs332 port in the hand control thanks

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