Celestron Astro Fi 5 reviewed by Dr Zen (6yo)

Dr Zen unboxes and tries the Astro Fi 5 from Celestron, a great little pick-up-and-go telescope for casual observing!

Dylan’s gear in this video
Celestron Astro Fi 5

Canon 6D mkII DSLR

Tokina 16-28mm Lens

Dylan’s links
PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/dylanodonnell
WEB : https://deography.com
FACEBOOK : https://facebook.com/dylanodonnell
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/erfmufn
INSTAGRAM : https://instagram.com/dylan_odonnell_

Music :
Soul Gecko by MrJuan [CC]


James Dougan says:

well done dr zen and dylan.. great review 10/10

Chris King says:

So cute! What telescope and objects do you think would draw the biggest WOWs! from a 6yr/old?

James Brine says:

Very entertaining 🙂 Also, that’s a damn nice piano hiding in the back!

John Doe says:

Hopefully he’ll grow up be just like dad, tommorows future astronomers and scientist

shlibber says:

What are “instructions”?
Thinking about it I was only 8 when I got into astronomy.

George Twine says:

This kid is gonna be a GENIUS when he grows u- nevermind he’s a genius already

Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer says:

lol, who reads the instructions, lol, great video!

karen sojkowski says:

great video Dr Zen and Dylan. Love the giggles in the background and the bloopers xox

Luke Reynolds says:

You got the same scope as me they are nice just need a controller aswell then its even better good for the price iv been having trouble aligning the scope with the app tho its so slow thats wy im gona get a controller for it by the way your son is a camp

Alex Ahsan says:

I want to buy this telescope Im just wondering if im be able to see solar planets or moon in detail or surface of the moon?
if it is the right please tell me or tell me which one to buy thank you.
Because I want to see Jupiter and Saturn and Moon with good resolution not only shiny DOTS on the sky

Luke Reynolds says:

Iv had problems with my astro fi 5 power wont work bintel are fixing it for me tho lol tell them to give us a freebee dylan for the hassle haha still good scope tho i was just unlucky

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