Best Spotting Scope Under $100 The Celestron C70

This is a quick look at what I would consider to be the best budget spotting scope under $100. The Celestron C70 has a large objective lense and 75x magnification. Link below
Link to the C70


Hoss V11 says:

Does look like a rugged spotting scope. Has a tough look to it. Been looking at scopes for a while but they have been pricey for my books. Deffinately will consider this one. Thanks for giving us a rec on this one.

Rock _ 7.62x39 says:

it might sound extreme but if people just said fuck your laws and shot anyone who tried to take your ar15. It would only take a few people standing up for what they believe in to make California rethink their laws

Charles Moeller says:

My experience with Celestron products is they have very good glass in all products.  The big problem with any light weight spotting scope is wind inducted vibration while mounted on a tripod.  The bigger the magnification, the greater the giggle. And you really can’t see the hits with everything dancing violently. Set aside that light weight tripod and buy a stout tripod used by serious photographers. I haven’t done this but you could try hanging some shot filled bags off the tripod head.

Robert Me says:

Thank you for that nice review video 🙂
This video has helped me out 🙂

Ed USAF says:

Very Nice Review Brother! Great looking Spotters Scope!

Mike Powers says:

Damn you! Stop making me spend money haha. Just bought one.

Hunts4Food67 says:

SWEET TY! I’m going to be needing a good budget spotting scope.

OIFOEF Veteran says:

looks decent for the price.

ThtGuyWtThBeard says:

I’ve been on the fence about picking one of these up and I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on it tonight, good review dude!

Ron Wold says:

did that scope come with a molded carry case?

Adrian Myers says:

Does anybody know if you have to turn in m1 carbine magazines in California because of the 15 round limit?

mike C says:

just picked one up at 81 shipped.

Netty Voyager says:

spotting scuff marks on rocks yeah great use for a scope 😛

Tim Winkler says:

I had one and hated it. I honestly can not remember why but I hated it so much I sold w/out having another scope. Yeah, I really hated it!!!

Scott F. says:

Pretty cool stubby spotting scope as I appreciate the info…Good stuff…

YorktownUSA says:

I’ve got a Barska Blackhawk. Over 100, but it’s absolutely waterproof, so good to go for rain. Other then that, it’s just an average 20-60×60. Enough for what I do (which is mostly just spotting shots a 100 yards at the range).

The RightStuff says:

Its $110 on amazon

Michael White says:

Man, thank you so much; I was in the market for a spotting scope, but was price averse to most on the market. I am ordering this one now.

don westrick says:

Thanks for this information, I searched YT for spotting scope info, found yours, stayed to see a few of your vids, decided to trust your review, went to Amazon and purchased the scope. I suscribed to your channel too. Good job and thanks.

Tj Stanbery says:

I use BSA

Thanksman says:

Nice review. thumbs up man

Turf Surf says:

I bought my AR scope based on your last recommendation, very happy with it, definitely will check this one out too!

FarmFreak says:

good job

Youngblood68 says:

ok got mine today , but i cant see anything when i have eye close to the the hole , but if i take it a bit from it some mm then i can see ?? what am i doing wrong ?? and not easy to use ? its like lens not straight inside

Youngblood68 says:

thank you for great review man , just ordered mine now and hope i will be happy with it 🙂

theheadidiot says:

Was looking at a Barska about the same price. Your review was very helpful in making the decision, thanks.

Agrippa 2K says:

Thanks so much for the Spotting Scope video.  Been racking my brain.  Got a cheap one, not enough experience to know the difference – till I got to the range. Back to Walmart (though it was fine, I now have some reference), been looking at the Celestron.

Jesse Jorgensen says:

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