a6500 with 500mm Mirror Lens? Stabilized beast or junk?

Follow this link to purchase this lens!: https://goo.gl/wEsDoa

My test/review of this Opteka 500mm f6.3 mirror lens on my a6500.


Mark Rohmann says:

Good review!! can you share where you got the lens? and what was its native mount?

Karen says:

I thought you did a great job on this video! I just picked up an old nikkor 500mm for $100. I took it out to a wildlife refuge this morning and am still checking my shots, but in general I was pleasantly surprised with the handheld performance on my d7200. It is forcing me to work on my skills from film days. With auto ISO, decent performance with high ISO, faster shutter speeds, also advantages of mirrorless (I have yet to try it out on one), old lenses are getting new life. Thanks for the video, keep up the good work.

zvxcvxcz says:

I shot this thing handheld on my NX300 ^_^. Even tried it for BIF for a while, but for BIF the manual focus is just a bit too much. Bokeh is ring shaped mind. Used it on my 5D as well and my brother’s T3i. Also have the 2x T mount TC, but honestly that degrades the image quality too much, e.g. http://ttbek.deviantart.com/art/Small-Couple-508794875 This is probably the closest I got for a BIF shot: http://ttbek.deviantart.com/art/Lift-457686624 And here is the same bird being harassed by a Blue Jay a bit earlier: http://ttbek.deviantart.com/art/Pesky-Blue-Jay-458005358 Switched to a different lens as it was driven off by crows: http://ttbek.deviantart.com/art/A-Murderous-Murder-458006723

Lights On Fotography says:

where did you get that Poster behind you (the colourful one) why you are using it?.

KrystoF AstronomiE & AstrophotographiE says:

500mm Mirror Lens clown

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

Have you tested the Minolta 500mm f/8 mirror lens which supports auto-focus with Sony LA-EA4?

Joe O'Connell says:

Can you tell me what the size of the front of the lens is? I’m wondering which size solar filter to put on (a slip-over, not a screw-on).

sheldon murphy says:

Thank you sir ! I have been wanting one of these, but OPTEKA does not have the wide spread reviews as it should. Thanks for the awesome review. Want to use this for moon shots with my Canon SL1

jisezer says:

“24-105 on a full frame which would be about an 18-70 on a crop sensor.” What?!?!? Are you crazy?

Doug Willard says:

will this fit on my Sony alpha 65??

Chris Dwyer says:

I’m from Nanaimo as well! I actually owned this lens with a Canon mount but ended up selling it. Now I own a Nikon p900 for extreme telephoto. It has a.tiny image sensor, but amazing image stabilization so full zoom telephoto shots come out suprisingly sharp. I’d love to compare the two!

PiDsMedia says:

At 1:40, the Crop vs FF mm description is backwards – FF is always Wider then crop.

“24-105 FF” does not equal “18 to 70 crop” – easy to get ’em backwards 😉

WarpedHorizon says:

Man, this lens paired with global shutter body would be amazing. Pity there aren’t any below $5k.

BenJamin Prater says:

You did or did not use a tripod for these shots?

BIG Stick says:

Hats off to you with keeping up with the trashing Salmon bro!!

wildlab.org says:

Any chance to use this lens for astrophotography?

Hayden Van Meeteren says:

So this is a full frame lens?

Daniel Ockeloen says:

Nice video, i also got the lens for fun but in reality the 300mm version kinda makes sense but this one just with or without a tc (yeah also tried that) simply doesn’t do a good job compared to real lenses. for photos’ the 55-210 would already beat it in a cropped in vs this there is so much loss in the sharpness. The sel70200g ofcourse costs way more but again a small crop of that was already sharper.

Ken D says:

Mirrorless camera with a mirrored lens. Ironic. 🙂

Smedleydog1 says:

What you said at about 5:50 was a bunch of hogwash. Especially when you said “with crop sensor cameras your’e not using the entire lens and getting the best possible quality”. What part of the lens are you not using? Putting that lens, or any lens, on a Crop sensor camera will not degrade the image. While you might not be using as much of the total area projected to the sensor, what hits the sensor (clarity/quality wise) is the same as what hits the sensor on a full frame sensor. Think about it, the center of an image tends to be more in focus/less distorted than the outer edges for many cheap lenses, so in theory, the crop frame image should be clearer through the whole image. If what you said is true, then the center area on a full frame sensor camera photo would not be the “best possible quality”. Also crop frame sensors when compared pixel to pixel to full frame sensors have a higher pixel density (more pixels per square millimeter) which will yield a tighter grain picture when both crop and full frame pictures are blown up to the same size.

prasoon d says:


anothercrappypianist says:

At 1:44 you say it’s shot with a 24-105mm full frame lens which would translate to 18-70 on a crop sensor. Isn’t that backwards? Aren’t you supposed to *multiply* the crop factor?

Vineeth S says:

That’s a really crazy combo! Loved the stable shots that you managed to get, especially the shot of the small bird.

Garnett Leary says:

You can stop it down with filters. That’s how they were used in the film days. Try a simple uv filter and recheck the sharpness.

David B says:

Great video but I’m surprised nobody brought this up. IBIS needs distance encoding information to work properly, in fact, I’m surprised it worked as well as it did. Minolta, now Sony made an old mirror lens that is probably more expensive, but picture how much better it would look according to science!

Swapnil Kapadia says:

That poster at the back is against Hindu culture

bay huy says:

Thanx for this! I really value all Samyang lenses I tried or read about. Will buy one if I can find, otherwise will be Nikon etc. CHEERZ!

Gellért Ficzere says:

The crazy bad rolling shutter ruins it

bodzsar1 says:

i have a lens like this tho mine is 800mm f8 and i have made a tripod mount for the lens and basically no shake anymore and that is without inbody IS (a6000)

Gershon Dharmanandan says:

So a slighly less cropped lens would be better on these cameras. say a 400mm or something.

dpurdie says:

Great video! What adaptor are you using?

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